Sunday, January 12, 2014

Order of Protection through an Attorney in Gallatin, TN

You can file for a protection order at anytime, although of course, the most ideal is when the threat becomes imminent. The sooner you work on it, the sooner it could be resolved.

Basically, this Order of Protection tells the individual who is troubling you to leave you alone. Additionally, it can also tell that person to move out or to pay for your living quarters elsewhere. If the individual persists in spite of knowing the Order, then you can have that person arrested.

You as the petitioner can file an ex parte order, which simply means that the respondent (the person you want yourself protected from) is not in your presence that time. After filing the order at the Clerks’ offices in the Courthouse in Gallatin, a law enforcement officer will serve that to the Respondent, upon which the order automatically comes in full effect.

A hearing within 15 days of serving that order will be set, and for this you may need a Gallatin criminal attorney to represent you. An attorney like Kenneth J. Phillips can argue your case at the hearing to make sure you will be safe and protected.

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