Monday, April 28, 2014

Fight for Your Child’s Best Interests—Help from a Gallatin, TN Lawyer

In the U.S., the “best interest of the child” standard is used by judges, particularly for disputed child custody cases, and depending on the state where you reside, some components of the said standard may vary. For instance, if you’re planning to consult an experienced Gallatin family lawyer to help with child custody matters, you’ll eventually learn about parenting plans, a written outline of how divorcing parents will care for their children, and how Tennessee courts determine which parent will spend more time with the children, typically appointed by the court as the “primary residential parent”.

A knowledgeable Gallatin, TN lawyer like Kenneth J. Phillips – Attorney At Law will explain the details of your case with confidentiality, care, and compassion that you and your family deserve. He will help ensure that you’re on track on what to do in a child custody case that will truly be in your child’s best interest.

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